Type and brands thermostats:

     Honeywell Vision 8000




Saving Energy

Programmable Thermostats

Would you like to lower your heating and air conditioning costs by 10
percent? All you need is a programmable thermostat it automatically
sets back the temperature in your home to preset levels at different
times of day.

How it works

If  you go to bed at 10 p.m. you can program your furnace to
automatically change the temperature from 70 degrees to 65 degrees at that time.

If you wake up at 6:30 in the morning, you can program the system
to increase the temperature to 70 degrees  by  6:30 a.m. (great for those cold winter mornings)
then go back down to 65 or even lower when you leave the house.

The system works the same way for summer savings just
 raise the temperature while you're sleeping or away from home
to cut air conditioning costs.

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Convenience and energy savings

The feature you might notice first is the convenience, you'll never have
to worry about forgetting to turn the thermostat up or down.

It's also a great deterrent to those family members who rush to the thermostat
whenever they get a chill.

The benefit you'll appreciate the most is the energy savings. If you program your
thermostat to set back the temperature by 10 degrees for eight hours every night,
you'll save approximately ten percent on your heating bill.

If you set it back while you're away from home, you'll see an even bigger

What to look for

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